Harmonious Living

Do Not Give Arise to Anger
Buddhism says we should see friends and enemies as equal. This means we should learn to tolerate unfriendly people, unideal Read more.
The Beauty of Magnanimity
It is only through loving-kindness and compassion that we can find room in our hearts to forgive others. It is Read more.
Take Delight in Shared Joy
Sharing joy with others is not only a virtue, it is also a delightful experience. To take delight in shared Read more.
The Way to Help Others
Compassion is the father, the bodhi mind the mother. Good methods are like friends because they save all sentient beings. Read more.
The Strength of Commitment
To “commit” is to give assurance to others and to make a conscientious effort to deliver a promise. To instill Read more.
Have Respect for Life
Life is the most precious thing in the world, so it is imperative that we respect it in all its Read more.
The Meaning of Compassion
Although “compassion is the foundation of Buddhism” is a popular slogan, compassion is not the exclusive property of Buddhists. It Read more.
To Live in Hope
When there is hope, there is a future. The worst tragedy in life is to live without hope for the Read more.
Living Affinity: Love Encompasses All Human Beings
Love and affection are infinitely valuable. There are various levels of love and affection that we can aspire to. Some Read more.
Grounding Relationships in Oneness
When we can practice viewing ourselves and others through a lens of oneness, we will no longer engage in meaningless Read more.