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We are able to continue our work because of your donations and support. Your donations help fund:

  • Translation. Your donations help support our team of translators and editors who strive to create translations that combine the accuracy of considered scholarship with the warmth and accessibility of a living tradition of Buddhist practice.
  • Design. Your donations help us provide quality production and design to our publications, so that they are lasting, memorable, and touching.
  • Distribution. Your donations help us print and ship our translations to whoever wants one so that our readers can have a bit of inspiration and wisdom to hold in their hands, slip into a pocket, or offer to a friend.
  • Outreach. Your donations help us find and serve seekers, students, soldiers, prisoners, and all people who wish to learn from the Buddha’s teachings.

因為您的捐款和支持,我們可以繼續這份弘法工作。 您的捐款幫助我們:

  • 翻譯。您的捐贈能幫助我們的翻譯和編輯團隊努力完成精確性、學術性和生活性的人間佛教書籍。
  • 設計。您的捐款幫助我們提供優質的產品和設計,使我們的出版作品更持久,更令人難忘及感人。
  • 分發。您的捐款幫助我們打印並寄送我們的刊物給想要的讀者,對我們的讀者能有一點啟發, 甚至有智慧來幫助身邊的人。
  • 拓展。您的捐款幫助我們找到和幫助有需求者,學生,軍人,囚犯,以及所有希望從佛陀的教導來學習的人。

Based on your generous wish, you may contribute in different ways:

Donations can be made through Paypal: please scan the QR code or click the Donation button above and enter the amount you wish to donate. Also you may set up a monthly donation to FGSITC.


善心捐贈:您可以通過 Paypal 網站向我們進行單次捐贈或按月捐贈。

If you prefer to send a donation by check, our address is:


Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center
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