Buddhist Philosophy

Development of Mahayana’s Four Universal Vows
While the Four Noble Truths explain the phenomena of the universe, the Buddha expounded on them mainly as a guide Read more.
True Stature
True stature is not created by form or ornament; words spoken out of jealousy and greed oppose it. Only when Read more.
The Four Contemplations
The first realization of the Eight Realizations of a Bodhisatttva Sutra is concerned with what is generally called the Buddha’s Read more.
Harmful Attachments
Harmful attachments are often described in Buddhist literature as impediments or hindrances because they block our view of the truth Read more.
Greed: The Cause of Suffering
Though the worlds that we see are fundamentally a product of our own minds, they usually do not appear this Read more.
The Unsurpassed Value of Impermanence
Birth and death are realities of life. Regardless of who we are, we cannot escape either one. While birth is Read more.
Take Deep Joy in the True Dharma
Photo from Pixabay “True Dharma” means those teachings which are right, correct, and do not deviate from the Middle Way. Read more.
Three Levels of Patience
Venerable Master Hsing Yun Prajna allows us to truly know how life comes and goes, and it is only with Read more.
Six Points of Reverent Harmony
Venerable Master Hsing Yun Social harmony stems from handling relationships and communal living with skill, effort, and a spirit of Read more.
A Moment and an Eternity of the Mind
Venerable Master Hsing Yun What is the fastest thing in the universe? Of course, everyone knows it is light, which Read more.