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In the middle of the crisis, may this song be an anthem of unity in our fight against worries and troubles. We sing our prayer to ignite the lights in our hearts, and together we become the brightest. Inspired by the prayer of Venerable Master Hsing Yun and composed by Mr. Jude Gitamondoc, this humble contribution prays to inspire, give confidence to our front-liners, and instil hope to everyone’s hearts. Together we will rise victorious and find our light.


「疫情漫延,人間有愛」,歌曲原來是由菲律賓光明大學宿霧藝術學院製作,由菲律賓名音樂家Jude 譜曲,以佛光山開山宗長星雲大師《為新型肺炎疫情向觀世音菩薩祈願文》為本,澳洲、紐西蘭各地的佛光人首次通過雲端,與柏斯華人樂隊共同演繹這首滿滿正能量的歌曲“希望之光”,為疫情下的人間送去一份來自心底最溫暖的祝福。




Various topics in Buddhism discussed by Venerable Master Hsing Yun.



FGSITC's collection of important Mahayana sutras and commentaries in translation.

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FGSITC's collection of important Mahayana sutras and commentaries in translation.

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Featured Articles

Assorted contemporary teachings and writings by Venerable Master Hsing Yun.

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Collection of Venerable Master Hsing Yun's teachings in French translation.

Buddhism–Healing the Body

Technological progress and advances in modern science have led to material improvements that have enhanced the quality of people’s lives on many levels. Yet, no matter how much we have progressed or how advanced our technology is, there still remain fundamental problems in life that science will never be able to solve… read more

Inspire and Be Inspired

It is a beautiful thing to touch people’s hearts, as is being moved by others. We could say that all the touching moments put together is what makes this world a beautiful place. Take a moment and think about all the kind words you can say to move other people, and all the good deeds that can affect others. Life will lose its meaning if what we do and what we speak cannot touch others… read more

Take Deep Joy in the True Dharma

“True Dharma” means those teachings which are right, correct, and do not deviate from the Middle Way.The Dharma the Buddha taught is what allows people to open their “Dharma eyes” to truly see all phenomena, develop wisdom, and enter nirvana. Such teachings include those on cause and effect, the nature of emptiness, and dependent origination, as well as the Four Noble Truths… read more

Grounding Relationships in Oneness

Instead of rejecting those who are different from us, we should learn to embrace them. Celebrating the differences in people while viewing everyone through the eyes of oneness nurtures powerful connections and creates a plane of existence where everyone is mutually supportive and respectful. When we can practice viewing ourselves and others through a lens of oneness, we will no longer engage in meaningless mind games that prevent us from forming positive connections with all beings… read more

The Four Bases of Mindfulness

Meditation is not about sitting quietly with your eyes closed—this is just one method for developing meditative concentration. What matters in meditation is being able to contemplate and focus the mind. To practice meditation, one must focus on the present moment, stop delusion, and see the mind… read more

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