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Oh great, compassionate Buddha! A new year has finally arrived -- bright, new, and hopeful.
Oh great, compassionate Buddha!With sadness, pride, and gratitude,We would like to honor service personnelWho have given their lives to save
The Avatamsaka Sutra says, 'The mind controls everything.' In order to properly control body and speech, we must come to
One of the great advantages of sitting meditation is that you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether
Dharma is for people. There is one thing about the Dharma that I am completely sure of: the Dharma is
While the Four Noble Truths explain the phenomena of the universe, the Buddha expounded on them mainly as a guide
True stature is not created by form or ornament; words spoken out of jealousy and greed oppose it. Only when
It is only through loving-kindness and compassion that we can find room in our hearts to forgive others. It is