Buddhism in Everyday Life

Aware of the workings of the mind
The Avatamsaka Sutra says, ‘The mind controls everything.’ In order to properly control body and speech, we must come to Read more.
Putting Teachings into Practice
Dharma is for people. There is one thing about the Dharma that I am completely sure of: the Dharma is Read more.
Do Not Give Arise to Anger
Buddhism says we should see friends and enemies as equal. This means we should learn to tolerate unfriendly people, unideal Read more.
A Brief History of Buddhist Volunteerism
Sages from all religions who serve the multitudes without any monetary reward or recognition are volunteers of human society.  An Read more.
The Way to Practice
If your mind is in balance, what need is there to work at morality? If your behavior is correct, what Read more.
Not Lying
Trustworthy Words If you lie, you will not be trusted. If you cannot be trusted, you will be ineffective in Read more.
Turning Around and Going Ahead
On the path of life, sometimes we need to go straight ahead, other times we have to make turns in Read more.
To Forbear a Moment’s Anger
“To bear disgrace and insult” is the most important virtue a person can possibly cultivate, because the ability to forbear Read more.
Ridding Ourselves of Stress
In this modern world, people are constantly saying, “Life is too stressful!” Why are people so stressed out? How can Read more.
Patience and Persistence
Being patient is an art, and being persistent is a kind of hope. Read more.