Eighty Notable Characteristics

Many different sutras contain descriptions of the thirty-two marks and eighty characteristics, each with slight variations. 

 The eighty notable characteristics are:

  • Top of his head not visible to others.
  • A prominent nose with well-concealed nostrils.
  • Eyebrows shaped like a new moon.
  • Large, round ears that are long and thick.
  • A strong body.
  • Closely-fit bones.
  • When he turns, his whole body turns, just like a majestic elephant.
  • Leaves imprints as he walks.
  • Red fingernails.
  • Full, rounded knees.
  • A clean body.
  • Soft, smooth skin.
  • Straight, erect posture.
  • Round, slender fingers.
  • Fine fingerprints.
  • No visible veins.
  • Well-concealed heel bones.
  • A supple, smooth body.
  • A round, full body.
  • A straight, steady, focused gait.
  • A dignified appearance.
  • Peaceful and calm deportment.
  • A stable posture when standing.
  • A majestic presence.
  • A pleasing appearance.
  • A perfectly sized face.
  • Unperturbed demeanor.
  • A beautiful, complete face.
  • Red lips.
  • A voice that carries.
  • A deep, round navel.
  • Hair that curls to the right.
  • Long arms that reach below the knees.
  • Flexible arms and legs.
  • Clear, straight palm-lines.
  • Fine, long palm-lines.
  • Unbroken palm-lines.
  • Brings joy to those who see him.
  • A perfect, broad face.
  • A face full like the moon.
  • Peaceful, joyful speech.
  • Fragrant pores.
  • Fragrant breath.
  • Appearance awe-inspiring like that of a lion.
  • Gait steady like that of an elephant.
  • Steps airy like that of a goose king.
  • A well-formed forehead.
  • A clearly audible voice.
  • White teeth.
  • A bright red tongue.
  • A long, thin tongue.
  • Thick body hair.
  • Soft, clean body hair.
  • Big, wide eyes.
  • A clean, unobstructed airway connecting the seven openings of the face.
  • Lotus-colored hands and feet.
  • A well-concealed navel.
  • An abdomen that does not protrude.
  • A well-sized abdomen.
  • Steady, stable body.
  • A sturdy, stable body.
  • A large frame.
  • Soft, clean hands and feet.
  • A ten-foot halo.
  • A glowing halo.
  • Treats all sentient beings equally.
  • A majestic appearance.
  • Does not slight any sentient being.
  • An even voice.
  • Able to vary his teaching methods.
  • Teaches according to the circumstances.
  • Though speaking with one voice, sentient beings receive many teachings according to their needs.
  • Adapts his teachings according to the spiritual maturity of the listener.
  • Can be seen with endlessly different appearances.
  • An appearance one wishes to see again.
  • Long, healthy hair.
  • Long, neat hair.
  • Neatly curled hair.
  • Dark-colored hair.
  • A virtuous appearance.

This list is from Seeing the Buddha, by Venerable Master Hsing Yun.

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