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On the path of life, sometimes we need to go straight ahead, other times we have to make turns in
If you keep your practice steady, morning and night, summer and winter, there is nothing you can not do and
“To bear disgrace and insult” is the most important virtue a person can possibly cultivate, because the ability to forbear
To “commit” is to give assurance to others and to make a conscientious effort to deliver a promise. To instill
Life is the most precious thing in the world, so it is imperative that we respect it in all its
Chan is meditation throughout our lives. When we live with Chan, the taste of food and feel of clothes will
Birth and death are realities of life. Regardless of who we are, we cannot escape either one. While birth is
In this modern world, people are constantly saying, “Life is too stressful!” Why are people so stressed out? How can
Although “compassion is the foundation of Buddhism” is a popular slogan, compassion is not the exclusive property of Buddhists. It
When there is hope, there is a future.The worst tragedy in life is to live without hope for the future.