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Do Not Give Arise to Anger
Buddhism says we should see friends and enemies as equal. This means we should learn to tolerate unfriendly people, unideal Read more.
Harmful Attachments
Harmful attachments are often described in Buddhist literature as impediments or hindrances because they block our view of the truth Read more.
Greed: The Cause of Suffering
Though the worlds that we see are fundamentally a product of our own minds, they usually do not appear this Read more.
The Beauty of Magnanimity
It is only through loving-kindness and compassion that we can find room in our hearts to forgive others. It is Read more.
Take Delight in Shared Joy
Sharing joy with others is not only a virtue, it is also a delightful experience. To take delight in shared Read more.
A Brief History of Buddhist Volunteerism
Sages from all religions who serve the multitudes without any monetary reward or recognition are volunteers of human society.  An Read more.
Purify the Mind
In Buddhism, the root cause of human suffering and other problems are identified as the mind. It thus proposes to Read more.
The Way to Help Others
Compassion is the father, the bodhi mind the mother. Good methods are like friends because they save all sentient beings. Read more.
The Way to Practice
If your mind is in balance, what need is there to work at morality? If your behavior is correct, what Read more.
Not Lying
Trustworthy Words If you lie, you will not be trusted. If you cannot be trusted, you will be ineffective in Read more.