Worldly Living, Transcendental Practice

English language

Worldly Living, Transcendental Practice

Written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun


Worldly Living

  • The Material Side of Worldly Living
  • The Emotional Side of Worldly Living
  • The Communal Side of Worldly Living
  • The Sensory Side of Worldly Living

Transcendental Practice

  • Observe the Way through Living Simply 
  • Awaken to the Way through Transcending Worldly Phenomena
  • Practice the Way through Living without Attachment
  • Live the Way with Liberation and Attainment


  • 入世的生活是以物質為主的生活
  • 入世的生活是以感情為主的生活
  • 入世的生活是以人群為主的生活
  • 入世的生活是以根身為主的生活