The Short March to Wisdom

English Language

The Short March to Wisdom
by Venerable Yung Dong and Marjorie Jacobs
Illustrated by Peter Martin

The Short March to Wisdom is an excellent tool for teaching Buddhist concepts and ethics to young adults. Instead of heavy-handed moralizing, this book presents the reader with open-ended questions to help examine the deeper meaning behind each story, allowing readers to take charge of their learning and growth.



-About the Illustrator
-General Ethical Concepts of Stories

-Story 1: Two Buckets
-Story 2: The Turtle and the Cranes
-Story 3: Big House, Little House 
-Story 4: The Monkey and the Beans 
-Story 5: The Accident
-Story 6: The Scorpion and the Turtle 
-Story 7: The Young Boy and the Monk
-Story 8: The King and His Princess
-Story 9: White and Black Beans
-Story 10: The Poor Man and the Mirror
-Story 11: The Moon Is Watching 
-Story 12: The Well Digger
-Story 13: Papa Frog and Little Frog
-Story 14: The Monk’s Vow

  • continued:

    -Story 15: The Golden Goose
    -Story 16: Two Brothers
    -Story 17: Animal School
    -Story 18: Chan Master and the Writer
    -Story 19: A Dream
    -Story 20: The Eagle and the Wolf
    -Story 21: Man with an Artificial Eye
    -Story 22: Man in the Pond 
    -Story 23: Cotton and Gold 
    -Story 24: Two Young Monks
    -Story 25: Man without Arms and Legs
    -Story 26: The King and the Horse Trainer
    -Story 27: The Girl and the Tourist
    -Story 28: The Interview 
    -Story 29: The Professor 
    -Story 30: The Monk and the Mara 
    -Story 31: The Stick and the Servant 
    -Story 32: The Suitcase