The Great Buddha

English Language

The Great Buddha

Written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun

The Great Buddha is the perfect choice for readers who want to improve their character. Venerable Master Hsing Yun introduces readers to the Buddha as both a human and an enlightened being, revealing how we can follow the Buddha’s example and teachings even during difficult times.



  • The Life of the Buddha
  • Was the Buddha Ever Displeased?
  • Did the Buddha Feel Sorrow?
  • Did the Buddha Feel Happiness?
  • Did the Buddha Enjoy Things?
  • Was the Buddha Loving?
  • Would the Buddha Lie?
  • Did the Buddha Have a Job?
  • Did the Buddha Experience Hardship?
  • Was the Buddha Ever Slandered by Others?
  • Did the Buddha Feel Helpless


  • 佛陀會生氣嗎?
  • 佛陀會悲傷流淚嗎?
  • 佛陀有沒有歡喜的時候?
  • 佛陀在生活中有沒有享受的一面呢?
  • 佛陀有感情嗎?
  • 佛陀會不會說謊呢?
  • 佛陀有沒有工作呢?
  • 佛陀有災難嗎?
  • 佛陀被人毀謗過嗎?
  • 佛陀會不會有無奈的時候呢?