Ten of Life’s Common Concerns

Ten of Life’s Common Concerns

Written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun

A welcoming walk through Ten of Life’s Common Concerns, Venerable Master Hsing Yun offers Buddhist wisdom to alleviate suffering.


  • Facing Poverty and Wealth
  • Handling Gains and Losses
  • Repenting and Eliminating Unwholesome Karma
  • Diminishing Mental Afflictions
  • Handling the Demands of Life
  • Building a Spiritual Foundation
  • Letting Go of Loved Ones
  • Being Charitable
  • Facing Aging and Sickness
  • Transcending Life and Death


  • 第一問:如何處貧居富?
  • 第二問:如何處理得失?
  • 第三問:如何懺除罪業?
  • 第四問:如何消除煩惱?
  • 第五問:如何安排生活?
  • 第六問:如何安身立命?
  • 第七問:如何放下眷屬?
  • 第八問:如何施捨財富?
  • 第九問:如何面對老病?
  • 第十問:如何了生脫死?