Questions on Buddhist Practice

English language

Questions on Buddhist Practice

Written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun


  • Why Do We Take Refuge in the Triple Gem?
  • How Should I Practice?
  • How Does One Use the Dharma in Our Everyday Lives?
  • How Do We Respect Life?
  • How Can We Refrain from Killing Insects, and Other Small Forms of Life?
  • How Does Karma Affect Illness?
  • What is the Buddhist View on Terminal Illness and the End of Life?
  • What is Dependent Origination?
  • What Are Buddha Nature and the Soul?
  • What is Non-Duality?
  • What is the Pure Land?
  • What Can Buddhism Bring to China?



  • 為何要皈依三寶?
  • 我要如何修行?
  • 要如何在生活中實踐佛法?
  • 我們要如何尊重生命?
  • 我們要如何戒殺生?
  • 業力如何影響疾病?
  • 如何以佛教的觀點來看待絕症及臨終關懷?
  • 什麼是緣起?
  • 什麼是佛性與靈魂?
  • 什麼是不二法門?
  • 什麼是淨土?
  • 佛教可以帶給中國什麼?