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We are able to continue our work because of your donations and support. Your donations help fund:

  • Translation. Your donations help support our team of translators and editors who strive to create translations that combine the accuracy of considered scholarship with the warmth and accessibility of a living tradition of Buddhist practice.
  • Design. Your donations help us provide quality production and design to our publications, so that they are lasting, memorable, and touching.
  • Distribution. Your donations help us print and ship our translations to whoever wants one so that our readers can have a bit of inspiration and wisdom to hold in their hands, slip into a pocket, or offer to a friend.
  • Outreach. Your donations help us find and serve seekers, students, soldiers, prisoners, and all people who wish to learn from the Buddha’s teachings.


Based on your generous wish, you may contribute in different ways:

Donation can be made through Paypal – please use the “donate” button and enter the amount you wish to donate. Also you may set up a monthly donation to FGSITC.

Donation for Publication can be made to support new publications.

If you prefer to send a donation by check our address is:

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