Category: Prayer

A Prayer to the Medicine Buddha

Oh great, compassionate Medicine Buddha!

Please listen to my report:

There is truly too much suffering in the world these days:

The crimes of arson, murder, and theft;

The cruel oppression of corrupt officials;

The turbulence of politics and the economy;

And natural disasters of earth, water, fire, and wind;

These things often cause people to lose everything they own in the blink of an eye.

The suffering of being bedridden with a lingering illness

Resulting from an imbalance of the four great elements;

Even heroes moan in pain and have difficulty being at ease;

The sea of karma that is full of passions and delusions,

Resulting from greed, anger, and ignorance,

Rolls unceasingly like roaring waves and billows.

A Prayer for the New Year

Oh great compassionate Buddha!
A new year has finally arrived–bright, new, and hopeful.
Temple bells sound an auspicious beginning.
There is a freshness in the air,
And everything speaks of change
From old into new.