The Buddhist Perspective on Women’s Rights佛教對女性問題的看法

Venerable Master Hsing Yun


  • Overcoming Discrimination and Discrepancies in Work and Society
  • Women and Household Life
  • Women in the Workforce and out in the World
  • Preventing Abusive Relationships
  • Abortion
  • Changing the Patterns of the Past: the Role of Women in Buddhism
  • The Intrinsic Nature of Women’s Rights and Equality in Buddhist Philosophy


  • 克服社會和工作上的歧視
  • 女性與家庭生活
  • 女性在職場
  • 家庭暴力
  • 墮胎問題
  • 改變女性在佛教中的角色
  • 佛教中女性平等的真意