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Patience and Persistence
Being patient is an art, and being persistent is a kind of hope. Read more.
To Reform Oneself
We need to change and transform ourselves continuously: In order to achieve eventual perfection, we need to work on correcting Read more.
Realize Eternity through the Brevity of Life
We should not look at life just as the limited span of one person’s life; we should look at the Read more.
The Humanistic Buddhist Practice of Meditation
In life, it sits without lying down In death, it lies down and does not sit, A pile of smelly Read more.
Living Affinity: Love Encompasses All Human Beings
Love and affection are infinitely valuable. There are various levels of love and affection that we can aspire to. Some Read more.
To Think Positively
Humans are thinking animals! Since the beginning of time, there have always been people who fantasize, who have delusions, who Read more.
Live Well Through Observing the Precepts
Observing the precepts is the concrete manifestation of compassion and the bodhisattva path. Read more.
Careful in Speech, Controlled in Body
Control of the body means that we know when to act, and when not to act and that we know Read more.
The Beauty of Being Natural
All these naturally beautiful landscapes of the world are odes of praise to the beauty and wonder of nature. The Read more.
The Mind is the Source of Unwholesomeness
The Buddha often explained emptiness and impermanence by getting people to think about how phenomena arise, change, and decline. Read more.