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Thank You

Thank you for your generous donation for publication! With your contribution, we will be able to spread the Dharma (wisdom of the Truth) around the world. 我們誠摯地感謝您的慷慨捐贈!您的捐贈將幫助佛法在世界傳播。 If you would like to request printed copies after publication, please use the form below to submit your request. 若您希望索取您助印的經典,您可以用以下的表格提交申請。 *Please be kindly noted that shipping fees are…

100 Tasks of Life 人生百事

Venerable Master Hsing Yun Contents On Daily Life On Establishing Oneself On Dealing with Others On Relationships On Sincerity On Spiritual Cultivation 內容 生活十事 立身二十四事 處世十三事 群我二十事 敦品十五事 修行十八事

Venerable Master Hsing Yun

Venerable Master Hsing Yun is a Chinese Buddhist monk, author, philanthropist, and founder of the Fo Guang Shan monastic order, which has branches throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. Ordained at the age of twelve in Jiangsu Province, China, Hsing Yun has spent over seventy years as a Buddhist monk promoting what he…


This collection of Fo Guang Prayers was written for our family and loved ones, as well as for ourselves and other people in distress.
Written in simple but inspirational language, the prayers are infused with profound wisdom and compassion.