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The Wheel of Rebirth

A presentation of the Buddhist view of rebirth, with a description of its significance within the Buddhist teachings, as well as contemporary examples of evidence for rebirth.

The Buddhist Perspective on Life and Destiny

The Buddhist Perspective on Life and Destiny佛教對命運的看法                 Venerable Master Hsing Yun Contents Why Do We Each Have Our Own Destiny? What Controls Destiny? How to Change Destiny The Buddhist View on Life and Destiny 內容 人為什麼有命運? 控制命運的力量是什麼? 改變命運的方法? 佛教對命運的看法?

The Fundamentals of Humanistic Buddhism

The Fundamentals of Humanistic Buddhism人間佛教的基本思想 Written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun Contents The Five Vehicles The Five Precepts and Ten Wholesome Acts The Four Immeasurables The Six Perfections and the Four Means of Embracing Cause, Condition, Effect, and Consequence Chan, Pure Land, and Madhyamaka 內容 五乘共法是人間的佛教 五戒十善是人間的佛教 四無量心是人間的佛教 六度四攝是人間的佛教 因緣果報是人間的佛教 禪淨中道是人間的佛教



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