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Perfectly Willing

Perfectly Willing 心甘情願 Table of Contents Perfectly Willing to Be a Monk Perfectly Willing to Spread the Dharma Perfectly Willing to Cultivate the Buddhist Community Read Online

100 Tasks of Life 人生百事

Venerable Master Hsing Yun Contents On Daily Life On Establishing Oneself On Dealing with Others On Relationships On Sincerity On Spiritual Cultivation 內容 生活十事 立身二十四事 處世十三事 群我二十事 敦品十五事 修行十八事

Self-Awakening through Chan禪的自覺教育

Venerable Master Hsing Yun Contents Self-Awakening through Nature Self-Awakening through Humor Self-Awakening through Being Touched by Real Actions Self-Awakening to Enlighten to the Truth 內容 自然的自覺教育 幽默的自覺教育 感化的自覺教育 悟道的自覺教育

Ghosts and the Afterlife論鬼的形象

Venerable Master Hsing Yun Contents The Good and Bad Ghosts and the Law of Causation Different Kinds of Ghosts and Their Appearances Where Do Ghosts Live and What Are Their Pleasures and Pains The World of Ghosts and the Human Life 內容 鬼的好壞與因果 鬼的種類與身形 鬼的住處與苦樂 鬼的世界與人生